A Groomed Cat is a Purrfect Pet!

If you would like to have your cat professionally groomed, we offer a variety of services to keep them healthy and happy! Our Certified Feline Master Groomers (CFMGs) will discuss your cat’s specific grooming needs and recommend you the best solution. If this sounds wonderful for you and your furry friend, bring them in and we will make them even more beautiful!

So why is the Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) credential so important for a cat groomer?

It is no surprise to anyone that cats tend to be more particular than dogs when it comes to bathing and grooming. However, what does surprise people is that cats LOVE to be bathed and groomed when a professional process, manner, and method is used. That is why this certification is so important. At Emi Pet, our master groomers truly care for your furry family member, and they have the professional training to do it right.

Review Our Complete Selection of Cat Grooming Services


Elegance Cat Grooming Package

  • Nail Trimming & Ear Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning Warm Bath & Fluff Dry
  • Sanitary Trim

Lion Trim Only Package

  • Nail Trimming & Ear Cleaning
  • Lion Trim

Purrfect Lion Package

  • Nail Trimming & Ear Cleaning
  • Lion Trim
  • Deep Cleaning Warm Bath & Fluff Dry

Kitty Grooming Styles Video
Sometimes Kitties Need A Little Help to Stay Pretty


Add-on Grooming Services

  • Soft Paws Nail Caps
    Soft Paws are an excellent alternative to declawing your cat or kitten. With a variety of fun and fashionable colors, they are completely humane for cats of any age. Made from flexible vinyl nail caps that bend along with your cat or kittens natural nails, we simply install them by gluing securely onto your cat’s already existing nails. Soft Paws are made as a cast, remaining hollow inside so they fit perfectly to any size. They are wonderful for keeping furniture and family safe from scratching for about 4-6 weeks, all while keeping your kitty happy.
    • Front
    • Back
    • Front and Back
  • De-Shedding Treatment
    This service helps all cats who shed! We use additional tools, products, and techniques to remove additional dead coat without taking length off the cat’s hair.
  • Belly Trim
    A tummy trim is a sanitary trim and shave up the tummy of your cat, we help prevent excessive matting and troublesome shedding. This also helps clear up the entire tummy area to protect your pet from dirt and tangles caused by loose or dragging fur. Our trimming service will keep your kitty nice and clean.
  • Comb Cut
    By trimming the coat this cut leaves approximately 1/2” to 1” of hair on the cat’s body. Comb cuts can help prevent shedding and are much easier to maintain and keep looking clean. A simpler style than the more shaved look of the Lion Cut, but also keeping your cat more fluffy.** For this service the cat must have entirely no matted fur to be groomed.
  • Paw Pad Trim
    This service includes trimming the hair that grows between the cat’s paw pads and rounding the feet.
  • ✿  All Guests Must Have Their Rabies Vaccination Current ✿

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Frequently Asked Questions by Humans and Kitties



Why should I groom my cat?

For the comfort of your four-legged kid and the convenience for you, we always arrange express appointment upon your request. The amount of time it takes for your dog grooming appointment varies by pre-existing coat condition and temperament, but you can plan on it taking between 1 and 3 hours. Contrary to popular belief, cats only appear to be grooming their fur when in reality they are only licking it. Every time your cats licks their fur, they are ingesting dirt and loose hair. Being indigestible, the hair passing through your cat’s stomach and intestines comes together and forms nasty hairballs.

Does your cat have any of these problems such as hairballs, matted fur, long and sharp claws, icky stuff on their private area or shedding all over your house?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, regular combing can only prevent so much. The best defense against these problems is through a thorough deep-cleaning bath and blow dry. This is where your Certified Feline Master Groomers (CFMGs) can save the day. By bringing your feline friend in to be professionally groomed by our CFMGs, the benefits are immediate. Reducing the amount of shedding and even helping out your family with anyone who suffers from allergies related to cat dandruff and fur.

  • Groom for Healthy Living
  • Groom for Looking Great
  • Groom for Smelling Fresh
  • Groom for Feeling Amazing



How long will the grooming service take?

For the comfort of your furry baby and the convenience of you, we always arrange express appointment upon your request. The amount of time it takes for your cat grooming appointment varies by pre-existing coat condition and temperament, but you can plan on it taking up to 2 hours.


What vaccines are required for my cat’s appointment?

Rabies vaccination is required to maintain a safe, comfortable environment for all of our pet guests. Please present a copy of your cat’s current rabies vaccination record at the first appointment or ask your vet to fax it to us at 614-855-8731 before we start the grooming services.


Where is the grooming salon located?

We are located at 5316 North Hamilton Road in Columbus Ohio, close to where Westerville, Gahanna, and New Albany meet. Click the button below if you need directions to bring your little kitty to our grooming salon.

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