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Exquisite Pet Grooming Services

Our exquisite grooming packages for dogs  are tailored to provide a luxurious salon treatment and keep them comfortably maintained and healthy. Our add on packages are just the cherry on top for when you want a Hollywood or show quality style.

We provide affordable service performed by our certified groomers at the highest level of quality level available in the Columbus Ohio area. Our service help to keep your pet well and looking their best, while our state-of-the-art mobile salon that pulls up to your home to offer ultimate convenience.

Come to us for your grooming session, or perhaps we can come to you with our state of the art mobile salon!

Dog Grooming Services

Whether you prefer the convenience of our Mobile Salon, or visiting us at our Grand Salon, our excellent team is dedicated to go above and beyond expectations for an exquisite show quality dog grooming. More info

Cat Grooming Services

Certified Feline Master Groomers (CFMG) are professionally trained to keep your cat looking and feeling their best with incomparable style with the convenience of our Mobile Grooming Salon or our Grand Salon More info

Doggie Daycare & Hotel for that Extended Stay

Doggie Daycare Service & Our Exclusive Pet Hotel 

Dog Daycare: We love to care for your four legged child when you need a few hours to get away. We offer a fun day care service for your little when you need that extra time. Not only is this convenient for a drop off and go, but many times day care is the perfect addition to a grooming session for you to get some errands taken care of while your fluffy gets pampered and pretty! We offer a safe and caring environment for your little ones to have lots of fun, but in a structured environment to make certain everyone has fun without getting too “ruff”. 

Exclusive Pet Hotel – For Dog & Cat Boarding: Our pet hotel offers a luxury stay in a caring environment when you need a few days to have us look after your furry family member. At Emi Pet, we provide all essentials of safety, food, comfort, and a clean environment, but just as importantly, we understand that your little one will be missing you terribly. We provide the love and attention that your doggie or kitty will need when you are gone, to help them through the transition. We do not charge extra for outdoor potty breaks, or fun time outside of the comforts of their hotel room. We take pride in providing exceptional boarding and kennel service for dogs and cats while you are gone. We love your furry little ones and give them the attention they need in your absence. That is the Emi Pet difference!

Doggie Daycare & Pet Hotel

Need an afternoon off for some shopping? Perhaps you are leaving town? We love to care for your little one for a few hours or a few days! When you leave your dog or cat in our care they are treated with love. More info

Quality Pet Food, Supplies, and Fashion at Our Grand Salon Pet Boutique

Only Quality Pet Food and Supplies Are Available at Our Boutique

We talk a lot about the Emi Pet difference, and that extends to the products that are carefully chosen for our shelves at the boutique. When it comes to pet food and pet treats, we believe that nothing is more important than your dog or cat’s health for a long and happy life. With brands such as Oijen dry food and special treats by the Fromm company, we make sure to offer the best of what is available so that you and your fluffy can spend as many years as possible together.

However, while healthy food and treats are important, let’s also talk about the FUN stuff too! We have toys that will provide your dog and cat with hours and hours of entertainment. Not only that, we believe your four legged kid deserves the best of what the pet fashion world has available From glamorous collars and bandannas to full doggie and kitty outfits for holidays and special occasions, your pet can always have the right fashion for every event.

We also carry the other essentials such as breath fresheners, clippers, and more. Just click the link below for more information or come see the boutique yourself at the Emi Pet Grand Salon located at the corner of Columbus, Westerville, New Albany, and Gahanna on Hamilton Road.

Click Here to See a Summary of Products at the Emi Pet Boutique


Request an appointment online by sending us a message immediately. If you are already a member use our online appointment scheduler to check availability and receive priority for your requested time slots.

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Call us or send us a message right away about your grooming questions or information on our Mobile Pet Salon or Grand Salon in New Albany. We love to answer questions about all of the great things we do to pamper our dog and cat clients and make them look and feel amazing!

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