Express Urban Grooming Service 

Don’t want your fur baby to stay in a grooming salon for a whole day? No problem! Our express pet grooming packages are tailored to get your pet freshen up within couple hours while still provide one-on-one attentive care and love. Our custom haircut and de-shedding treatment are the icing on the cake for that urban pooch style or show groom you’ve been searching for. The affordable services performed by our professional pet stylists are the highest level of quality available in the Short North, Columbus Ohio area.

Grooming Hours 

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday |  11:00AM – 7:00PM

Sunday | 12:00PM – 5:00PM

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Signature Dog Grooming Package 

  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Hydro-Massage Bath
  • Premium Natural Pet Shampoo
  • Gentle Fluff Dry & Brush Out
  • Custom Haircut or De-shedding
  • Bow or Bandana
  • Conditioning Pet Cologne

Walk-in Services

  • Nail Trimming $12
  • Nail Grinding $15
  • Paw Pad Trimming $9
  • Ear Cleaning $9
  • Pretty Paws $19
    • Pretty Paws includes nail trimming, paw pad trimming & ear cleaning 

Add-on Grooming Services

(add-on services must be purchased with Signature Grooming Package)

  • V.I.Pet
    includes nail grinding, tooth brushing & breath freshener, blueberry facial, oatmeal shampoo or coat enhancement treatment
  • Best-in-Show Treatment
    includes tooth brushing, breath freshener and relaxing blueberry facial scrub
  • Tooth Brushing
    eliminates bad breath and protects oral health with tooth brushing, canine specific toothpaste and breath freshener
  • Oatmeal/ Medicated Shampoo
    helps to soothe and relieve hot spots, allergy and dry, itchy skin
  • Blueberry Facial
    provides intensive hydration to the face, eliminates the tear stain, bring back the shine and the ultimate cuteness of your baby’s angel face
  • Nail Grinding
    smooths the nails and helps your dog avoid scratchy sharp edges and split nails as well
  • Nail Polish
    add a fashion touch with Warren London dog nail polish
  • Hand Stripping
    price depends on the breed
    A stripped coat will give your wire haired dog a show look where the color and texture is well maintained.

Request Appointments Online

Request an appointment online by sending us a message immediately. If you are already a member use our online appointment scheduler to check availability and receive priority for your requested time slots. More info

Frequently Asked Questions by Humans and Fluffies


How long will the service take?

For the comfort of your four-legged kid and the convenience for you, we always arrange express appointment upon your request. The amount of time it takes for your dog grooming appointment varies by pre-existing coat condition and temperament, but you can plan on it taking between 1 and 3 hours.


Where will my Fluffy stay after the grooming?

We do grooming by appointment in our Short North location. We will give you a call as soon as we finish grooming your fur baby. Please arrive as soon as possible to minimize the time your pet is waiting for you.


What vaccines are required for my dog’s appointment?

Rabies vaccination is necessary to maintain a safe, comfortable environment for all of our pet guests. Your dog’s current rabies vaccine record is required to be present before we start the grooming services. Please bring us a hard copy of the rabies certification at your first appointment.


Where is the Emi Pet Short North located?

We are located at 743 N High St in Short North, close to Goodale Park. You can park in the back of our store to drop off and pick up your fur baby. Please feel free to call us at (614)299-7387 if you have any question.