Cat Grooming Facts

Cat Grooming Facts

Don’t Cats Groom Themselves?

1. Before1. AfterUnfortunately no. Cats LICK themselves but they do not groom themselves. Every time your cat licks himself, he swallows his dirty loose hair. Hair isn’t digestible, and usually just get passed through your cat’s stomach and intestines where hairballs are formed. Long-haired cats, those who shed excessively, and those who lick themselves compulsively are especially prone to hairballs.


Benefits of Grooming Your Cats

For Cats

Grooming your cat on a regular basis is essential to prevent not only hairballs but also matting, shedding, dandruff and unpleasant smells.In addition to making your cat look and smell nice, regular grooming also helps your kitty avoid painful medical issues such as cornea irritation, ear infection and ingrown claws.

For You 

You can benefit from cat grooming as well. Frequent bathing and brushing can dramatically reduce the shedding hair that sticks on your clothes and furniture and flies around your house. By cutting down the amount of shedding hair, even people who suffer from allergies will feel more comfortable with cats. Furthermore, with trimmed nails, cats are less likely to scratch on your precious furniture.

What to Look For?

Cat Exclusive Grooming Salon

home-mobile-salonCats typically feel more comfortable by themselves. A cat exclusive salon or a mobile grooming salon works the best for your cats’ grooming needs. In this environment, your kitty will be less stressful without the noise and distraction from the dogs. Before you take your cat for the grooming appointment, take a tour of the salon and make sure both you and your cat feel comfortable.

Certified Feline Master Groomer 

ncgiaA Certified Feline Master Groomer, as known as CFMG, is the best choice when it comes to groom your cats. To be qualified as a CFMG, an experienced groomer must pass the following written exams: cat health and anatomy, breeds, colors and genetics, cat temperament and handling skills. Six practical exams focusing on different cat grooming techniques are also required to achieve the title of CFMG.

To find a CFMG near you, please visit the website of National Cat Groomers Institute of America.