Fido Eating Too Fast? We Can Help!

Fido Slow Down!!

Do you have a dog that eats way to fast and then a few minutes’ later vomits everything they just ate??

This eating problem is called regurgitation. This process happens when the stomach works backwards and doesn’t get time to digest.  Any breed is capable of eating to fast, but in some larger deep chested dogs it can cause other health concerns.  It can also be unpleasant for everyone in the household when to much air is swallowed causing gas and burping.

Bad News

Controlling your pets eating habits can allow you to avoid costly veterinary bills. There are several disease processes that can be associated with eating to fast.  Most common process in large breed dogs is called Gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV), which is when excessive air and food fills the stomach, causing it to swell and flip or twist over itself.  Chronic regurgitation can cause esophageal strictures, causing it to close and allowing no food to pass into the stomach.

Your Options

  1. Make sure you purchase the right sized kibble for your pet. You want to make sure your not buying small bite brand dog food for a large Labrador.
  2. Turning your pets bowl up side down or purchasing a special bowl with plastic knobs, so your pet has no other option but to slow down and eat around them.
  3. Puzzles or interactive toys are fun and an enjoyable way for them to eat and be challenged to get their food out of the toy.
  4. Splitting up your pet’s food into small portions. You can use low cost items like a cupcake pan, or 3-4 smaller dogs bowls spread out, which allows them to breath between bowls.
  5. Raising your pet’s dog food bowl allows for their neck and esophagus to be leveled with their bowl, which allows less air to pass down into the stomach. You can place their bowl on a pre-made elevated food dish, a box or platform that best fits your pet or a set of stairs.

At Emi Pet Salon & Boutique we have Green Interactive feeders to help slow down your pets eating and allow them to have some fun.