Pet Grooming Testimonial from Rachel in Westerville

Testimonial: It is great to hear what you think about our grooming services!

One of our favorite clients, Rachel and Bogey, in Westerville, just sent us an email and it warmed our hearts! Bogey is a Cavachon and is always so excited when we come by for a grooming. Trust me Bogey, the pleasure is ours!

Here is Rachel’s testimonial that we received today!


Bogey with his new toy!

Bogey with his new toy!

Thank you so much for the lovely Holiday card and for the toy! Bogey immediately started playing with the toy and he still carries it from room to room all the time. He just loves it. We are also glad to have found you. Bogey is pretty particular about people and that he is soo excited and happy to see you is just wonderful. I have to tell you .. For these nearly 8 years of Bogey’s life and countless grooming appointments and groomers, every time I would drop off Bogey he would whine and scramble to try and leave with me. After every appointment, Bogey would fight me to drag me out of the place and then as soon as we got home, he would lay down in one place and not move. Now, with you, when he comes back in the house he is playful and relaxed and stress-free. We just can’t express how wonderful you are!

All of the very best wishes and many blessings,

Rachel, Dan, and Bogey.



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