Is grooming as good as a yummy treat?

YES, it is even better!


What vaccinations do you require?

In order to maintain a safe, comfortable environment, we do require all pets to be current on their rabies vaccinations and to wait at least 48 hours after shots before checking in. The waiting period helps to ensure your pet isn’t sore at the injection site, which can cause irritability or lethargy.

Documentation or verbal confirmation from your veterinarian will need to be provided prior to the grooming service being performed. Sorry, but we cannot accept rabies tags as proof of vaccinations. Puppies and kittens between 8 weeks and 4 months of age may receive services in the salon without vaccinations.


I get scared really easily, will I be OK?

OF COURSE! We truly love our furry clients and make certain that every single one of you feels loved and comfortable. We are professionals and you will trust us very quickly to take good care of you.


Will my pet be sedated?

We never sedate pets and believe that sedation should be performed under the supervision of a veterinarian. We are happy to discuss safe alternatives to sedation that may improve the overall experience for your pet. These might include an early morning appointment or use of calming aromatherapy grooming products, etc. Please discuss your concerns with us at the time of the appointment so that we can work with you on finding a safe solution.


Sometimes my master has a fancy shindig and they want me to look my best. Do you make emergency calls?

IF WE HAVE AN OPENING WE ARE THERE! As a member you can even see what times may best fit your busy schedule, in between chewing bones and batting at string toys.


What is your cancellation policy?

Should you need to cancel your appointment, please contact us 24 hours in advance. A 100% cancellation charge will incurred for any service not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to appointment.


Do I need to book an appointment in advance?

Mobile Salon: Our exclusive mobile salon service is by appointment only since we will drive our mobile grooming van to your home.
– Coming Soon in 2014 – Grand Salon: Booking an appointment is highly recommended for a grooming service ahead of time will ensure that you (and, more importantly, your pet) are not kept waiting any longer than necessary. We’re happy to take walk-ins when we have availability.


Can you make me look beautiful even if I am really big or small?

YES, full breed, mixed breed, big, small, short hair or shaggy, you will look beautiful!


How long does each grooming session take?

Typically each grooming session takes about an hour to two hours, but it may vary depending on the coat, breed, and the temperament of your pet. For your convenience, we will call you 15 minutes prior to completion to let you know it is time to pick up your pet at the grand salon.


Is it true that even kitties love the spa grooming treatment?

ABSOLUTELY! Kitties even love the massaging bath. Who doesn’t want to be a pretty kitty?


How often do I need to get my pet groomed?

Grooming on a regular basis is essential to maintain the overall beauty and wellness of your pets. You are recommended to have your pets groomed at least every four weeks. We are proud to offer our premier membership plan to help your pets always look their best while offering you discounts, convenience and peace of mind. Click here for more details.


I sometimes prefer to spend my leisure time rolling in dirt and grass, will you come back?

SURE WILL! If you sign up to become a member we can have regular scheduled appointments as often as every week.


What payment method do you accept?

For your convenience, we accepted all major credit cards, debit cards and cash.


If I am all clean, smell good, and look amazing, will I be able to sleep on the bed?

Well, we can’t guarantee that one, but you will have a much better chance!

Luxury Mobile Salon

We bring the convenience of a luxury pet salon to your home. Our full service vehicle is a mobile facility for bathing, primping, preening and providing the best dog and cat grooming service in the Columbus Ohio area. Our certified groomers use their extensive training and expertise to provide a true salon experience for your pet.

More info

New Albany Grand Salon

Our grand salon offers the ultimate spa and grooming experience for your furry family member. Located at the Family Video Plaza, at the intersection of North Hamilton Road and Thompson Road, our 4000-square-feet Grand Pet Salon is dedicated to provide full-line professional pet grooming services with the highest quality. More info