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Our Luxury Mobile Salon brings a complete pet grooming facility to your doorstep. Equipped for cats and dogs of all sizes, our spacious salon includes a 16-gauge stainless steel tub with a massaging shower head, electric grooming tables, and all the amenities we need to pamper, clean, and give your pet the style they deserve. With adjustable tubs and tables, our state of the art mobile facility allows us to transform our equipment to the perfect size and height for your cats or dogs. Our area of service starts in New Albany, where we are based, but schedule our mobile salon appointments in blocks for the Greater Columbus area, including other suburbs like Bexley, Westerville, Gahanna, Blacklick, Reynoldsburg, Powell, Pickerington and more. Call us to inquire if our mobile services can come to your side of town

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Located in New Albany/Gahanna/Columbus, and Powell areas, our brick-and-mortar Pet Salons are designed to provide you with professional all-breed dog grooming services. Besides grooming, we also offer small-dog exclusive sitting services including doggie daycare with each stay. We are conveniently located near the residents of New Albany, Gahanna, Westerville, Powell and the greater Columbus area.

Our Brick-and-Mortar Salons feature state-of-the-art grooming rooms. Included is our dog styling room, and small-dog exclusive daycare rooms. We also offer a chic pet boutique dedicated to providing you with high-quality pet foods, treats, toys, apparel and more.

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In our Grand Salon we work hard to provide you and your pet with anything you need. From toys to toothbrushes, kitty litter to gluten-free kibble – we carry it all! A professional atmosphere and a relaxed and refreshed vibe help everyone unwind and feel ready for a day of pampering. We carry a variety of collars, brushes and organic products to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your pet.


With soothing music in each room, we keep your pet calm and happy while our professional groomers shape and polish your pup into perfection! You can drop your baby off and run some errands, or just stay and watch the magic happen through our large glass window into the salon styling room.


With our State-of-the-Art equipment, we have everything you need for a positive and fulfilling grooming experience. Our Fluff Room is home to the drying systems used to fluff up your pup’s wet fur! We use a variety of dryers depending on your dog’s individual needs and sensitivity to heat and noise. For a more gentler and slow-drying process we recommend a soft, no-heat drying cage for your dog to lay down and relax in while dual fans blow cool air over their fur.


In our stainless steel tubs we guarantee maximum cleanliness and zero dog-to-dog transfer of product and miscellaneous dirt and grime. Our small stairs give relief to our more skittish or older pals, and make things a little easier for the groomers as well! Gently leading your dog into a large standing tub to massage away any dirt and loose fur from their coats. We also have a variety of products ranging all the way from Blueberry Facial Scrubs to a Hypo-allergenic shampoo.


The smaller, but still wonderful version of the Dog Suites, our Dog Studios are based on our small dog exclusive boarding system. Providing the safety and friendliness your dog needs in an overnight or long-term stay.


Spaciously innovated to suit your kitty’s needs, our cat condos host a variety of interchangeable sliding doors to allow maximum roaming room. A little cubby provides the perfect place for kitty to hide and play, while the other side is wide with a high perch to lounge on. We guarantee your cat or kitten will love their stay!


The Dog Suites provide the ultimate luxury for your small dog and companion! We offer large suites that can be filled by one small dog, or two if belonging to the same family. We encourage the owner to bring toys, a bed, leash and any foods or medications needed for your pets stay. If your pooch has no favorite blanket or bed, we will provide one for you for at no extra cost. Also included in our Hotel and Lounge services is the complementary Doggie Daycare program – giving your dog a little play time with anyone else who is boarding. Potty breaks and snuggles are also included.


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